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Unlocking Retirement Living: Exploring Our Schemes

Affordable retirement living schemes in the UK caters to the housing needs of older adults, offering accommodation that is both suitable and affordable for those in their retirement years.

These schemes aim to provide retirees with comfortable and secure living arrangements, often within purpose-built developments or retirement communities.

Statistics reveal a growing demand for affordable retirement living options as the population continues to aged. According to projections, the number of people aged 65 and over in the UK is expected to increase significantly in the coming decade, driving the need for accessible and affordable housing solutions for seniors. There are over 400,000 older households in England alone living in non-decent housing, highlighting the need for affordable accommodation options for retirees.

To address this demand, various initiatives have been implemented to promote affordable retirement living, including government-funded programs and partnerships between housing providers and local authorities. For example, the Affordable Homes Programme includes provisions for specialist housing for older people, aiming to deliver thousands of new affordable retirement living properties across the country. Additionally, initiatives such as the Retirement Living Standards framework provide guidance on the cost of living in retirement, helping retirees make informed decisions about their housing options.

Alderley Group currently have two retirement living schemes in construction; Pomeroy Court and Povey Road.

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