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Unlocking land potential

Alderley Group are land development experts with over 30 years’ experience, this allows us to unlock the potential of any piece of land. We have a talented land acquisitions team at Alderley Group who are always on the search for new land to add to our portfolio.

We work to add value to land, ensuring that land across the UK is used for the greater good of society with the development of our 100% affordable home schemes. Through years of developing affordable housing on land of all types, we know the immense value land can hold. In years to come, your land could become the place someone could call home, where they live, work, or raise their children.

Our team operate with an open-minded approach when it comes to searching for land. Take a look below at some of our land requirements and speak to our team about your land opportunities.


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We’re here to help, and your inquiries are important to us. Whether you have questions about our affordable housing developments, selling land or wish to explore partnership opportunities, please get in touch using our contact details or fill in the form.