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Celebrating Progress: Topping Off Ceremony at Pomeroy Court

On Wednesday, 5th June, Alderley Group hosted a memorable Topping Off Ceremony at Pomeroy Court, our latest development under the Retirement Living Scheme in Huyton. This event marked a significant milestone in the construction process and brought together key stakeholders, including representatives from Housing 21 and our dedicated site team, to celebrate our progress and look forward to the next stages of the build.

About Pomeroy Court

Pomeroy Court is a pivotal project for Alderley Group, designed to provide high-quality, affordable housing exclusively for the over-55 market. The development features 45 modern apartments, offering a mix of one and two-bedroom units across three floors. Each apartment is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of older adults, promoting independence and comfort. Amenities include a communal lounge, beautifully landscaped gardens, a buggy store, and convenient on-site parking. This development exemplifies our commitment to enhancing the living standards for older adults by creating supportive and vibrant community environments.

The Significance of a Topping Off Ceremony

The Topping Off Ceremony is a longstanding tradition in the construction industry, symbolising the completion of the building’s structure and the placement of the highest point of the building. Historically, this ceremony dates back centuries and is believed to have originated in Scandinavia. It was customary to place a tree or branch on the highest beam of the structure to honour the tree-dwelling spirits displaced by the construction. This tradition has evolved over time but continues to be a moment of celebration and recognition for the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the project.

At Pomeroy Court, the Topping Off Ceremony was an opportunity to reflect on the collaborative efforts that have brought us to this stage. The ceremony included speeches from key figures in the development, acknowledging the contributions of Housing 21, our construction team, and other partners. The positive reception and high turnout underscored the importance of this milestone and the collective enthusiasm for the project’s completion.

Moving Forward

With the structure now complete, the focus shifts to the interior and finishing touches that will transform Pomeroy Court into a welcoming home for its future residents. The next phases will involve detailed work on the apartments’ interiors, installation of communal facilities, and finalising landscaping plans.

We are excited about the progress made and remain committed to delivering a development that meets the highest standards of design, sustainability, and affordability. The Topping Off Ceremony at Pomeroy Court is not just a construction milestone but a step closer to realising our vision of creating high-quality housing that enhances the quality of life for older adults.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to advance towards the completion of Pomeroy Court. We look forward to welcoming our first residents and seeing the positive impact this development will have on the Huyton community.


Topping Off Ceremony | Pomeroy Court | Alderley Group

Councillors for Knowsley Council and Alderley Group CEO and COO

Alderley Group CEO and COO, Complete Construction, Housing 21, Councillors for Knowsley Council and Vetrix Employer’s Agent for H21

Topping Off Ceremony | Pomeroy Court | Alderley Group Topping Off Ceremony | Pomeroy Court | Alderley Group Topping Off Ceremony | Pomeroy Court | Alderley Group

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